About The Show

The Beginning

This show was created by Toby Schofield as an excuse to gather friends around discuss the strange and unusual. The concept for the show was originally uploaded to YouTube on January 9th, 2015 and the first episode being released on the channel on January 11th, 2015 about number stations!

The Name

The name of the show comes from Toby's older YouTube project that he called "Secret Productions." So "Secret" stuck around, and Transmission came from the topic of number stations that finally was the last straw before starting the show.


Toby gathered inspiration on how to shape the show from shows such as Blurry Photos, The Unbelievable Podcast, Out There Radio, Tell'em Steve Day Overkill, and several other shows.

Round Table Set Up

Over the years there have been many different co-hosts and guests.

The show was always intended to be a round table discussion of 3 or 4 people who didn't know much about the topic so they could all ask the same questions that hopefully the listener would ask too or find funny.


The current hosts of the show are Toby, Rudy, and a reoccurring character of Satan as the shows producer.

Past Co-Hosts

All though they may not be on the show any longer or just haven't had a chance to be on as of late, some of our past hosts have been Kristen, Addison, Evan, Tina, & Tyler.

Every host has added their personality to the show and have added jokes that will always live on in the Secret Transmission universe! So if you enjoyed a specific host, never say never that they won't make a surprise return or guest spot!

Friends of the Show